New Server

So over the past week I’ve been moving all my websites onto a new VPS server. With our upcoming house move, we will no longer have an 80/20 fibre line for me to host things on so a server was required.¬†I looked at going back to plain web-hosting, but it doesn’t generally give the flexibility to host a number of websites over multiple domains, or the ability to host multiple different databases; VPS gives you all this, as you get an entire virtual server with either RDP or SSH access, depending on your choice of OS. Continue reading

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Not Going To Plan

Well, as always these things never go to plan, and life kind of gets in the way.

In the mean time check out my 365 project site @, which is updated daily.

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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year…

So here we are – 2013; somehow different, but yet it feels the same as 2012. I guess it’s that time when New Year Resolutions are made, and broken – sometimes quicker than one would like – but this year (hopefully!) I’ve made a resolution that won’t be broken.

Aside from trying to blog more regularly, I’ve started a new project and website at;¬†basically, the idea is to take 1 photo a day and upload it to give a snapshot of life over the course of 2013. It’s going to be a challenge to find something different and interesting to photograph each day, but that’s the point!

2013 has the potential to be an interesting year, not least at work, but ultimately I know that whatever happens God will be in it and each day will be taken as it comes, and with whatever challenges it contains.

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Iceland Tour 2012

— Update — Hit a google maps problem, so this is as far as I can go – will try and resolve —

Follow our tour of Iceland from 22nd September to 7th October here; we will try and update our locations/route, daily. Photos will be at: Photos

View Iceland 2012 in a larger map

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Photos Back Online

Our new site is slowly beginning to take shape; more will be explained later! For the moment, have a look at our photos at

Please leave a comment for us either here, or on the gallery site!

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Hello All!

Please bear with us whilst we create our new site! Photos will be back soon…

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